Kenyans in France  | New passport not for Kenyans in the diaspora!

When the Kenyan government launched in September 2017 the epassport, it promised Kenyans abroad the possibility of acquiring it from the Kenyans embassies overseas. 

To date if you want to renew your passsport from abroad, all Kenyan embassies are only proposing the old passport because they do not have the necessary materials to process the epassport.

A kenyan embassy staff in Paris informed us that to get the epassport one must go to Nairobi and that the situation may last for a long period due to budget restrictions.

According to an IT expert all what is needed per embassy is a fingerprint machine and a photo camera, a budget of less than Ksh90K to collect data to be send to Nyayo house for processing. So either the government has no will to invest in one of the big Kenyan economy contributers through foreign remittances or it does not trust his workers. That why to minimize risks of fraud every process is concentrated in Nyayo. Until when?

Remember the old passport will cease to be used as a travel document for Kenyans from 31st August 2019.  

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Has anyone actually received their new Epassport from Paris office and how long does it take?Is there courier service for return as we have to travel to make this application.

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