Ways to send money to Kenya

There are different ways of sending money to kenya. They have different charges BUT also their exchange rates are different, so don’t hesitate to compare.


Charges : They have fixed charges of 2.99€ irrespective of the amount you are sending

You can send a Maximum of 440€ at once to Mpesa and 1330€ to a pick up center.
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Charges :

-0€ to Mpesa and Direct bank transfer
-To Cash pick-up form agency in Kenya
1.99€ for less that 100€
3.99 for more than 100€

Western Union

Charges :

Chargers will depend on the amounts and the method you use
Example to Mpesa
1.90€ for less that 100€
2.90 for more than 100€

Direct Bank Tranfer

You can also make a bank to bank transfer, all you need is to go to your bank and inquire the procedure.


TRANSFERWISE (Service suspended since17 Feb 2021)

Charges : Depends on the amounts you are sending.
You can send a much as you want to Mpesa or bank transfer.
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Which is the safest way to send important documents to Kenya from France?

For important documents send by La poste with tracking option

How can I join the French legion?

Visit their website http://en.legion-recrute.com for more information.

Calling Kenya cheap

Provided you and the person you are calling has the same application tis is the cheapest way.

Is the best and cheapest way to call kenyan landline or directly to mobile phones.

Download the App now and get 3$ reduction

Where is the Kenyan embassy in France ?

3, rue Freycinet 75116 PARIS.
Tel: 01 56 62 25 25
Fax: 01 47 20 44 41
E-mail: info@ambassade-kenya.fr
Website http://www.kenyaembassyparis.org/fr/

Need to translate and certify my kenyan documents.

The french administration accepts documents translated by the Kenyan embassy in Paris. They are also considered certified. Check with the kenyan embassy Paris for the prices and delays.
Below are the delays experienced by Kenyan In France after dealing with the Kenyan Embassy in Paris (Dont hesitate to send us your experience at kifaransa@free.fr)
Passport renewal 8 Months
Birth Certificate Translation 7 Days

If you have any question send it to us through this form >>>Here